Welcome to the Halifax Tool Library's Tool Inventory!  

  • We're a 100% volunteer driven and member funded non-profit.
  • We lend our members any of our more than 2500 tools for a low membership cost via this software.   
  • A yearly lending library membership is only $80, and includes access to our community workshop
  • We also offer intro punch cards, four visits for only $40
  • We Offer Membership discounts: Seniors, Students and CUA members all get 10% off  the cost of membership
  • Set up your account online now and pay using: PayPal, E-transfer,  or in-person by cash, debit, or credit.
  • You can now sign all our agreements on-line or complete them when you arrive at Halifax Tool Library in person
info@halifaxtoollibrary.ca // halifaxtoollibrary.ca